LP12 – Project Management & Site Specifications

Project Manager Leadership Skills http://www.projecttimes.com/articles/top-10-leadership-qualities-of-a-project-manager.html A good project manager should have great leadership abilities.  Some of the qualities of a project manager that I think they should have would be approachable and unbiased. There are more but the article above already has stated them.  In this article, they state 10 leadership skills that a project […]

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LP11 – Web and Software Development

For this post, I really didn’t have any takeaways because the information discussed in class was review for me.  In this blog, I will discuss three interesting things that I have found out a while back that I think you might find interesting as well. 19 Year Old Who Builds Prosthetic Robotics Starting at $350 http://garbimba.com/2015/02/19-year-old-who-built-a-350-robotic-arm-teaches-you-how-to-build-it-free/ […]

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LP7 – Marketing Strategies

The three takeaways that I got for this class were marketing strategies, positioning and differentiation. Marketing Strategies Marketing strategies are important because they give a company a sense of direction and distinctive plan.  A strategy pushes a company to a predetermined goal in sales and hold a competitive advantage against their competitors.  In the video […]

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