LP9 – Social Media

Twitter – Barack Obama


Twitter is one of the fastest ways to get an individuals message through along with an in depth meaning.  They use something called “#” hash tags to categorize their tweets.  I remember them being called pound signs back when I was younger.  I didn’t even know why people were calling them hash tags when I first realized it.  Twitter has become so popular, its an easy way for more popular people to have a following or “cult”.  Even our commander in chief, Barack Obama, has an account.  He actually posts tweets up too.  Most of the time, he has another person that takes care of his social media connections.  In another video he says that he rarely interacts personally with social media. The only time he interacts is when there is a huge event going on.  This YouTube link was more comical but it’s good to see that our president has a good sense of humor.  He states in another video that those tweets were nothing compared to what the senate says about him.

FaceBook – 6 marketing tips from pros


I found this interesting article on six marketing tips from professionals.

  1. Use action-sprout for email acquisition
  2. Boost a new product announcement
  3. Use website custom audiences
  4. Power up your public relations efforts
  5. Use audience insight
  6. Split test Facebook ads

This past summer, I have built a few websites on WordPress. One of them was an e-commerce store that sells digital copies of music.  I created social media accounts for all of my sites and posted new posts on Facebook when I put up new content.  Once I did, Facebook’s marketing team have come up with a good way to target businesses and get them to purchase Facebook ads.  I decided to try it out because I wanted to test it out and felt like I had nothing to lose.  Ads start around $30 and can easily push over thousands of dollars.  You can choose to see how long you want it to stay on and who you plan to target.  They have a demographics set up and their set of analytical data.  Their data is similar to Google analytics.  It shows how many people saw your ad, who clicked on it and who liked the post.  Overall it’s a detailed graph which explains to the user how their advertising money is being spent.  Once enough people click on the link, the ad will stop.

Social Media Impact


Social media has changed how marketing works.  According to this article, 76% of all businesses use social media to achieve their marketing objectives.  Of course it doesn’t always guarantee a success but that’s just business in general, risks.  The article also states that there is 133% increase in revenues and 40% of their shoppers are from an online source.  When I see that number, I picture myself at my favorite store and then increasing the number of people I see there by 40%.  Over 71% of consumers respond to feedback and recommendations. The most common type of response is product or service rating.  Businesses will give a current consumer deals or offers if they post up a good review and rating about the business.  With the rise of smart phones and devices from accessibility to affordability, I think social media marketing is just going to continue to rise.


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