LP12 – Project Management & Site Specifications

Project Manager Leadership Skills


A good project manager should have great leadership abilities.  Some of the qualities of a project manager that I think they should have would be approachable and unbiased. There are more but the article above already has stated them.  In this article, they state 10 leadership skills that a project manager should have.

  1. Inspires a shared vision
  2. A good communicator
  3. Integrity
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Empathy
  6. Competence
  7. Ability to delegate tasks
  8. Cool under pressure
  9. Team-building skills
  10. Problem solving skills

Out of all the skills listed in this article, I think that number nine is the most important.  Team building skills is a must.  A project manager should be able to have a team cooperate together and resolve issues when they occur.  Without this skill, a team won’t exist and there wouldn’t be a final product created.  Number eight is also a needed skill for a project manager.  Deadlines can increase stress for the whole team.  If a leader is calm and assertive, the team should be able to follow in their footsteps.

7 Killer Tips on Site Specifications


Killer tips? Yes.  That’s what the name of the article states.  This article discusses the snowflake effect.  It states all websites are made differently and vary drastically just like snowflakes.  A website could range from being simple text to a flashy home page with multiple images and videos. During or after developing the website, a client shouldn’t have any “surprises” along the way.  Everything should have been planned out ahead of time and followed accordingly.  Below are their 7 killer tips discussed in the article.

  1. Time is of the essence
  2. Don’t dive head in first
  3. Home is where the start is
  4. Understanding is in the details
  5. Not making a decision is a bad decision
  6. Make the possible, possible
  7. Keep it simple

Every tip that they have listed are great and go hand in hand but I feel that their number three killer tip is the most important one.  A homepage can make or break a site.  It’s a website’s first impression and an individual can make up their mind if they choose to stay or leave within secs on landing on the home page.  For myself, if I see that a homepage is poorly designed I won’t even give it a second chance nor glance and hit that back button almost instantaneously.  Home pages should be well organized and be a great hook to get an individual to stay and see more what the website offers.

Interesting Project Management Facts


The article link listed above states interesting facts about project managers.  According to Project Managers Institute, Australia has the highest paying project managers averaging around $134, 658.  America came in second at $108, 000 and Canada was third at $95, 140.  Basically, project managers can get paid really good.  They list 10 top contributing factors that increase project success rates.  Listed below are five myths that they have broken by a short discussion.

Myth 1 – Remote collaboration is unproductive.
In fact, remote work makes happy employees and increases performance by 13%.

Myth 2 – Project management certification is a must.
In fact, even at IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate.

Myth 3 – Project management is pure paperwork.
In fact, a project manager spends 90% of their time communicating.

Myth 4 – Frequent meetings are necessary to keep everyone in the loop.
In fact, 47% of workers called meetings the #1 time-waster at the office.

Myth 5 – Project failures are fatal.
In fact, if failures are responded to correctly, they may be the link to future successes.

I thought that myth number five was a great one.  Just because someone has failed in the past doesn’t mean that can still succeed in the future.  Some people hold their failures too tight and for too long.  Like the article states, if failures are responded to correctly, they may be the link to future successes.  I would rather fail the first time the succeed.  It sounds strange but if you succeed the first time around, there isn’t much learning involved.  If there is failure, you spending time focusing on your mistake and learn how to correct it.  In the future, if the issue comes up again, you will remember how you handled it in the past and avoid it.


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