LP4 – Marketing Research

I thought it was going to be an interesting day when the marketing instructor, Mike Reisenauer, couldn’t make it to class to teach the new concepts of marketing research.  With Paul and Laurie filling in, they utilized the marketing students knowledge.  The combined efforts and knowledge of the marketing students proved to be more than sufficient in […]

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LP3 – Marketing Segmentation

The three takeaways I had for marketing segmentation was demographics, psychographics, and segments. Demographics Marketing demographics is marketing segmentation of a target audience’s age, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, income, and education. Basically it’s a profiling of certain market.  Companies will use different marketing strategies to try and sell to different demographics.  They will also sell […]

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LP2 – Marketing Intro

When our class was asked to explain marketing to the instructor, Mike Reisenauer, without any prior information, I was surprised in what we as a class and individuals knew already. We are surrounded by marketing on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it’s just normal to see all types of advertising around us that we don’t even realize […]

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